How important is what employees say when it comes to communicating the company values?

What employees say matters.
It affects the brand’s image and the company’s reputation.

Representing the core values is a key deliverable that employees are responsible for.

Many a time as an employee we are not made aware of this.
From a work culture and employee engagement perspective it’s important for employees to be aware of this.

As employees the way we behave with our co-workers, customers and business associates is a representation of the brand’s behaviour.
It reflects the culture of work that’s in play.

From a marketing perspective having a customer for life is the end game.
Building that trust up is the way to go about it.
Trust is built through how the employees act and say about the brand.
Representing the values helps in the engagement with the customer.

Doing this involves alignment of individual and company values.
As it’s not just the marketing staff that are representing the brand.
Every employee is.
By virtue of that every employee is impacting the marketing of a brand.