Access means where is your brand available.

Imagine you’ve advertised your brand.
Resulting in potential customers actually looking for your brand be it online or in the shops.

Beyond three web searches online to find where to get the brand or checking a couple of shops a prospect would not take additional trouble to locate the brand. It’ll just drop from their minds.

When doing the marketing communication it’s important to ensure the delivery channels are fluid. Meaning the brand is visible and accessible.

The intent is to make the purchase journey simpler and easier.

Digital payment facilities and reward programs need to be seamless in this journey from a customer perspective.

Just as when we do marketing we ensure that its easy to find and easy to read and understand, it’s important to make it easy for the customers to take action.

The key word is easy.

Think like the customer just as we do to do good marketing. So imagine the purchase journey and how it can be made easy for the customer.

Make your brand accessible in a manner so that the entire experience becomes quick, simple and easy.