How important is it for companies to communicate their values and how can cause marketing help?

Values need to be communicated. How do you do that?

You have to live it. This goes into the company culture. The culture is represented through the behaviour of the employees and what they say about the brand. Without living the values it’s hard for a company to communicate them.

How does cause marketing help in this?

Cause marketing as a CSR is a very effective strategy to showcase one or two key core values. By identifying the values that resonate most with the company’s customers and employees and aligning with a cause that allows to showcase the same you create an engaging story that’s of interest to the brand’s community.

For example, take something as simple as a ‘$5 Friday’. Every Friday employees of a company pledge $5. Whether you’re a small business of five people or a hundred people business, you collect $25 or $500. You send that to a charity or an organization that you want to donate to. It becomes your CSR.

The action is a simple one. Yet the story value is huge. The cause here is about social good. When you communicate this over time, your brand starts getting associated with that cause.

This helps in marketing strategy to actually have your brand create engagement that leads to sales

There are four separate areas involved here. Brand, values, CSR and marketing. They are all linked.

If we are clear with purpose it will flow into the values that are important. Communicating the value is through the overall brand experience. The objective of all four together are to make the brand entertaining, engaging, educating. That creates trust. Which translates into sales.