How important is the talk about and on the brand?

In talking about the brand lies a strong emotional connection that the brand has with its people.

Employees talk about their work, their colleagues, their boss and the company.

Customers talk about their experience between two brands in the same category.

Getting employees and customers talking positively about the brand is very important.

Without talking about the brand how would other potential employees know about the company?

Similarly without customers talking about the brand how would the brand increase its awareness and recognition?

Good marketing is putting in the benefits the customer gets.

It works for both employees and customers. If they are not talking about the brand then they are not getting the expected value from it.

This creates a gap.

How do you avoid this gap and get your employees and customers to talk about the brand?

  1. Ask employees to share what they do working on the brand.
  2. Engage with the customer to get him or her to share their brand experience

This is organic content that adds to the brand value in terms of visibility and awareness and create a preference in a prospects mind.