In today’s business environment it’s an absolute imperative for any business to clearly identify what value they are delivering.

Simply because in that value lies the brand experience that brings engagement.

Defining the brand experience starts with having clarity on the business purpose.

Then going into the core value identified. Ending with how and where it will be delivered.

This becomes central for any long-term marketing strategy and is it’s core.

CSR is an activity to further that experience and add to delivering on the purpose.

It emerges as part of the marketing strategy and not as a stand-alone activity.

Emerging from the marketing strategy the CSR can be an effective marketing approach for the three benefits it brings to the brand:

1️⃣ Telling a story
2️⃣ Creating interest-based engagement
3️⃣ Delivering the key value as experience

Any and every CSR activity should always focus on delivering the key brand value in a manner that endears the brand’s audience to it.