Everything starts with intent. Without that all activities are just that. Activities in isolation.
At the time of developing the marketing strategy the question to ask is -As a brand what is it we want to do to create a legacy?

This is where purpose comes in. It’s important because that’s the glue or connector that connects with the customers emotional need for value recognition.

Discovering purpose involves questioning.

Asking the question ‘why do I exist’.

Any and every business operates for profitability. Yet to be sustainably profitable over the long-term there has to be a clear reason-why or value delivery that enables the brand to grow. Answering the why leads to the discovery of purpose that actually benefits the business and the brand’s community.

Delivering purpose is not always through the brand’s product features but through its culture and values.

The journey of discovering purpose happens through conversations. Conversations with employees, business partners, customers that provide a diverse set of perspectives. By taking it all on board and sifting through it to drill down to a single coherent statement- the purpose statement.

Once purpose is clearly articulated, as a team, the business needs to review it against its available strengths in order to identify its efficiency in delivering it. This process has a direct impact on the go-to-market strategy.

Finding purpose has a significant impact on any brand’s marketing. The immediate change usually noticeable is that from a short-term, sales focus-oriented marketing campaign, the brand moves into a longer-term view of creating engagement through the experience it delivers.